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FIRE WEATHER REPORT is updated at 0600 and 1300 daily for the St David area.
If you did not receive it in your email at those times, please take the time to check the last weather report before planning burns in the area.


ON DEMAND FIRE WEATHER REPORT is now available using the link that was emailed to department members.
Please do not generate a new report too often as it will clog member's email addresses with a report every time you generate one.

other information

We do NOT use standard instant messaging services. If you would like to contact us, please use SIGNAL MESSENGER from Open Whisper Systems for secure messaging.
As Signal uses phone numbers to list users, you will have to contact us for the appropriate phone number for Ernie, Fawn or Jake.


Welcome to EMTCowboy!

Under Construction

Please be patient. Google Plus has too many snow flakes. I am in the process of programming to show our Facebook feeds. For the time being, the links above will take you off-site to our Facebook pages.


There is a lot of spam going around the internet using various addresses claiming to be from our domain. The ONLY valid addresses are fawn and jake at our domain. All other addresses are spam and should be treated as such. Encourage your email provider to use one or more of the spam validation servers available on the internet.